Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Central Heating Controls

Central Heating Controls

We all want to keep warm this time of year, and central heating does this for you. But did you know that over two thirds of all UK homes don't have central heating controls? This means two thirds of UK house holds are missing out on saving running costs and are not getting the best out of their central heating. 

Firstly, the timer/programmer: this will allow you to tell your boiler when to run and for how long. Having the boiler on constantly does not save energy at all even though some people think it does. All the time it is running it is using energy, so even when you're at work and the building is empty its using all that unnecessary energy and costing you more at the same time.

What we would recommend is a 7 day timer as this would allow you set a schedule for your boiler to run based around your daily lifestyle. That means that the boiler is off when your not in the building and on when you are and you actually need it.  

Next you should have a room thermostat. What this does is detect the temperature of the building and it is above the temperature you've set it at then it will shut the boiler off.

So in conclusion having both a timer/programmer and a room thermostat could save you a large amount on your heating bills.

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